Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Queen of Minor Disasters

My first novel, The Queen of Minor Disasters, will be available on Amazon soon!

Here's the blurb from the back...

Stella DiLucio is the master of fixing other peoples’ problems. After all, the sassy twenty-seven-year old manages her brother Lorenzo’s restaurant on the Jersey Shore. With the help of a little “Food Therapy” Stella can evade meddling mothers, face frenemies, confuse gossiping locals, and smooth out family conflicts, all while keeping a smile on her face. She’s that good at her job. But let’s be honest, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to run a restaurant. All it really takes is the right dress (and shoes), some confidence, and the ability to give food away for free (just don’t tell Lorenzo). Stella seems to have it all, but when her boyfriend throws her a curve ball, her life starts to unravel.  To make matters worse, a sexy guy from her past reappears, her parents drop a bomb that changes the family dynamic, and her best friend starts keeping secrets from her.  Can the queen of minor disasters set her own life straight? Or will it take more than some “Food Therapy” to get through this mess?

Join Stella as she deals with her quarter-life crisis, runs the family business ,and ultimately figures out what she wants in life. Full of unexpected twists and turns, outlandish characters, and inspiring recipes, this laugh- out-loud novel will take you behind the scenes of the restaurant business, whetting your appetite, and making you beg for seconds.